How To Administer and Monitor Your Server With A Phone

Server administration and monitoring are crucial for guaranteeing the best possible performance, and luckily, there are some helpful tools to make this process easier and almost on the go. Remote monitoring with the phone can simplify everything and alert you about any risks right away.

Here we will dive deeper into the choice of the most functional software that you need in case you are buying dedicated server.

What Do You Need To Know About Monitoring The Server?

Every monitoring process starts with the data collection and after you can measure the availability, performance, and health characteristics more effectively. The correct interpretation of the gathered information is highly important so it is the next meaningful step.

Once certain metrics have reached some stated condition, you will get an alert so it is way easier to identify so issues and deal with them earlier and more effectively. By collecting such data as logs, and events, and checking real-time activity on the server you can actually visualize what is occurring with the infrastructure right now.

The latest administration and monitoring tools are extremely effective for the deeper analyses of both historical and current information. That’s why it becomes easier to get a broader picture of all the processes and implement some customization when needed.

The Ideal Practices For The Proper Monitoring Of The Server

The best approach towards proper monitoring and administration is proactive management via alerting. That’s why we decided to share a couple of recommendations if you are just starting out your journey:

–        Start by monitoring not just the system in general but also the underlying system components. By doing so, you will get a broader picture of all the processes.

–        Create alert thresholds based on the history of the previous deviations.

–        Check the alert settings regularly to exclude the risks of false notifications. Too many notifications might lead to ignoring the actual threat.

–        For the dynamic infrastructure, you’d better orient on the services monitoring but not on the individual components.

–        Try to update the monitoring strategy regularly in order to get the most relevant results.

The Choice Of Software For Monitoring

The diversity of the monitoring tools is huge so any user can select what works better for each case. If you are planning to monitor and administrate everything on the go then pay attention to the mobile applications. Remember, that most monitoring mobile apps offer fewer functions when compared to the standard PC version. However, it is not a problem because you can set everything up on your laptop and then continue with the mobile phone if that sounds more convenient for you.

Here are a couple of great tools for your phone:

–        Pulseway. This is a great tool that functions on tablets, phones, and desktops. The system was designed to control and monitor all the processes with ease and, more importantly, in real time. When the trouble is detected, you immediately receive a notification so you can quickly optimize the performance. You can greatly minimize the downtime by just installing Pulseway.

–        NinjaOne is one more great option for the robust alert and monitoring of all the processes. This easy automation tool guarantees security and fast access. In addition to this, you are getting integrated cloud backup. The registration is free so you can test this tool and decide whether it works for you prior to paying for the usage.

–        ManageEngine. This tool is considered to be a powerful option for all the users who require quick access to the analyses and dashboards with custom control. So, that you can make all the right decisions on the go without wasting lots of time. The tool has more than 80 key metrics for the proper monitoring of the server.

–        PRTG. This mobile tool is a fantastic choice for the monitoring of various infrastructure types. The tool is exceptional in usage, and you won’t have any challenges setting up everything accordingly. You can easily control all the necessary alerts and trigger scans, and checking the network is possible without the app running in the foreground.

Summing up

To create the best possible performance characteristics for your server, you must use the best tools. The maximum performance is achievable only with the proper management and monitoring system, and to make the process even quicker, you can use mobile apps. In the article, we have discussed the best tools for server monitoring and administration so you can select the one that works better for you. Among the most popular ones we can specify are PRTG, ManageEngine, NinjaOne, and Pulseway. The proactive approach of all these apps gives a high chance of potentially excluding huge problems and improving the server functionality. Test and select everything that variant that works better for your circumstances.